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Tom-Erik von Krogh-Martinsen
February 10, 2015

It always nice to read good articles about your product. Looking at stats on your homepage and videos on Vimeo afterwards is also great!

Den norske oppfinnelsen CHECKD skal få orden på byggeplassen. Allerede i startfasen har mobilapplikasjonen blitt en del av digitale verktøykasser i flere land.

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Here is a Google translated version for my foreign followers...

Taking mobile control on the construction site The Norwegian invention CHECKD will bring order to the construction site. Already in the initial phase, the mobile application has become part of digital toolboxes in several countries.

After six years in the family owned construction company Borg-Bygg Tom-Erik von Krogh-Martinsen realized that industry was in desperate need of some new tools. von Krogh-Martinsen noticed that simple mistakes at the building site was a big money drain, and so the data engineering decided to tackle the problem. Instead of looking at the problem from above, CHECKD has chosen to focus on the workers. - We're not trying to be a planning tool. We see that most of the problems are arising in the field. Too much information is dealt orally in a phonecall, and it does not take a big construction site before you lose track of it, he said.

Focus in the field with a mobile application! CHECKD´s idea is that all tasks are dealt and followed up through simple grip on the phone. Tasks described and shared electronically to the workers, who follow up the order and document when the job is done. A finished job is ticked in the system, often with attached image, and then the project managers can do a control and approve, decline or possibly add requirements for improvements. - For workers on the construction site no training is needed to use CHECKD. All you need to know shows up on the screen, and you do not, for example to navigate through different menus. A company don´t solve any problems just by giving employees a smartphone, says von Krogh-Martinsen. - You can move checklists over on an iPad, and then say that they have digitized process, but all workers can´t walk around with an iPad on the construction site. We have simplified and adapted checklists to mobile format, and have made an agreement with CATPHONES that CHECKD is included as standard app on their S50 work phones.

Quickly and correctly CEO of Borg-Bygg, Kent-Arild Martinsen, Tom-Erik´s brother confirms to Byggeindustrien that CHECKD certainly have been nice to use on construction sites. - Tom-Erik worked the with us before, and I've nagged him for five years to create a program like CHECKD. So now I'm glad that it's coming. I'm really looking forward to see it fully up and running, says Martinsen. Borg-Bygg has been involved in the development of CHECKD from its humble beginnings when the application went under the special Norwegian name NKLT (Like SMPL for simple). CHECKD is the name that fits worldwide, and Martinsen says that the solution certainly makes the workday easier. CHECKD has made it very easy for us. I go out on the project, taking pictures, write down tasks, and send it right out to the field workers. It is time saving and with control functions job´s also made more accurate. I get checklists sent to me every single day, and it is easy to locate and verify that the job is done, he says, and tells that all workers in Borg-Bygg is equipped with smartphones that they use frequently to document tasks. - The app becomes more important every day in our operations. For example, for our Polish workers it´s very good for them to answer a Polish linguistic form, and then send it in Norwegian to me. We are very pleased so far, and I look forward to the continuation says Martinsen.

Skrevet av Tom-Erik von Krogh-Martinsen

Som forenklingsevangelist og daglig leder i CHECKD, drives Tom-Erik av å gjøre hverdagen enklere og bedre for ansatte i byggebransjen.

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