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How the construction industry fail to recruit new (young) people, or loose the ones they have

Tom-Erik von Krogh-Martinsen
January 20, 2015

How the construction industry fail to recruit new (young) people, or loose the ones they have


Photo: Queensland Government 

For the last couple of years, there have been a significant decline on employees in the construction industry. In 2012, around 7 million people were employed in construction, which is considerably lower, compared to the 9 million workers, registered just two years before that. The reason is that the construction industry fails to create a positive and appealing image of itself and turn the possibility of employment into an attractive career choice. Because it is! The industry IS exiting, and the total turnover is growing.

Young people tend to look for adventures – they want careers that offer variability and possibility for travelling and experiencing new things. The construction industry, however, can hardly offer such opportunities. Even more, the salaries offered for the long hours of work are often seen as not worth the trouble. The average annual salary of a construction manager was estimated to be around $90,000.

Becoming a worker in the construction industry, however, is far more complicated than it might appear. Some fields accept candidates with no education at all (and those are the ones we hear about in media), but other areas, such as architecture, construction science and engineering require at least a four-year degree. Getting into an architecture or engineering course is a challenging task, getting in is actually the easiest part of the degree... With not many job prospects following after, at least not jobs that appear exiting and challenging, more and more young people prefer to complete their education in other fields such as business, for instance.

Moreover, apart from being underpaid and requiring a lot of education, the construction industry´s main disadvantage is the inability to employ modern technology. Construction managers still use outdated methods of work and fail to make use of the digital technology. This can slow down the work process and make it harder to do your job within the deadline. It’s not surprising that a lot of young workers complained because of this, comparing their older managers with “dinosaurs”.

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And please take a look at how Born To Build, UK is recruiting young people to the industry. It´s and example to follow for other countries

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